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Advantage Of Suspended Restaurant Structure Built By Iran As Compared To Belgian

The restaurant that has been built by IRAN is more equipped , with higher elevation and larger area. The restaurant built by Belgium incorporates 24 persons , while the IRANIAN structure can accommodate 30 to 34 persons , which increases the profit margin of the restaurant owner.
It is worthy to note that all suspended restaurants throughout the world are suspended thru the air by cranes , which are dangerous and non cost efficient . We have developed a structure which has the same material as a tower , can be installed easily and can lift the structure . This in addition to reducing costs also ensures safety.
In Belgium restaurants it incorporates only seat for 4 persons , however in the IRANIAN structure in addition for seats for 4 persons , it incorporates one person , two , and six persons capability.
In the IRANIAN structure an oven has been used to keep warm up to 40 foods , which can help serve foods such as KEBAB , SHISHLEEK, etc. , however the Belgian structure do not have this feature and can serve limited quantity of desserts.
All equipment used are of highest standards and have been designed and incorporated by highly trained engineers and specialist. Also the belt used and the services related items are by far more superior than the Belgian design .
All equipment installed on the structure are electrical and do not use gas as a heating element , and inflammable products are not used.

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