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Economic justification to buy suspended resturant


From news and our own polling and experience of the market , suspended restaurants have attained a high ranking in attracting tourists, and due to its exhilarating nature , it especially attracts youths. Throughout the world there has been a high reception for the suspended restaurant , also according to ISNA News Agency when this restaurant opened in SAUDI ARABIA , it attracted tourists and started to compete with other hotels.
Suspended restaurants can have up to ten times the revenue a regular restaurants can have and by being the only restaurant of its kind in any country , it can generate high revenue . Owners of such restaurants by advertising effectively can attract 50 to 100 guests per day and can compensate for all of his or her expenses.
The only expense for this restaurant is the expense needed for 6 to 7 personnel , water , electricity , and insurance .
Another intelligent design is that it does not require kitchen equipment , because by bringing and offering the best foods from quality restaurants and presenting it to quests or customers , this can be done without using a kitchen .
Another advantage of this restaurant is that it is near target markets and by buying and ordering this restaurant in a very short period of time all equipment can be installed locally and be operational .


We can state with boldness that no restaurant can be more attractive , unique , and exhilarating than suspended restaurants , even under water restaurants and island restaurants . In the following the expenses of foods from the most expensive restaurants in the world and under water restaurants ,which is a unique concept have been evaluated:
SOBLI MOOSHEN RESTAURANT (The most expensive restaurant in the world)
According to the LHV News , SOOBLI MOOSHEN restaurant which is in BALARIS Islands , and famous for its night life is run by a Chef by the name of PACO RECORO whom is from Madrid (Spain) . The seating capacity for this restaurant is 12 people and the price of its food starts from 2000 USD to 10,000 USD and has special lighting with exceptional food.

This restaurant is located near a volcano and its most expensive food is 300 USD .

The amount of money an owner pays for the suspended restaurant is 600,000 to 700,000 USD and our company giving the owner all the necessary equipment , there is no need for any additional costs to be paid, also for the lifting the suspended restaurant in the air there is no need for cranes to be rented and we will build a lifting structure which is secure and more durable than a crane , and the expense for this is only the 700,000 USD.
In as much as this restaurant is more exhilarating than the other two restaurants we have mentioned , but the price of food for each person is 50 USD (this expense is only for the seating and the food cost depends on the kind of food being served , which is added on). Of course depending on the owners style this suggested price can vary .
If we calculate the cost of the suspended restaurant to be 600,000 USD and each person to pay 50 USD per seat , then by attracting 12,000 guests, all expenses will be compensated for , and we must state that with proper advertisement and attracting tourist , this quantity of guests can come within 4 to 5 months .

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