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Introduction And Generality Of Suspended Restaurant

The technology for Suspended Restaurant was first created by Belgian company in Belgium , and its manufacturer exported this structure to 50 countries and are still functional within these countries, such as Turkey , Saudi Arabia , India , and European countries , etc.

The great reception by tourists through out the world for suspended restaurants has been observed . Even according to ISNA News Agency , when in Saudi Arabia suspended restaurants were inaugurated , tourists were attracted to JEDA and hotels were in competition to acquire this new invention .

Generally suspended restaurants are divided into two categories :
1- first for conferences and
2- second for ceremonies such as food receptions (meals , private meetings, engagements , etc.)
It is worthy to note that suspended restaurants with ceremonial purposes are more profitable and are more complex to manufacture.
Now ARIA GHOSTAR PASAGARD KHAVARAN after many years of programming , research , and computation has decided to build one of the most equipped suspended restaurants in the world , and be second in the world to manufacture this structure . This structure incorporates 35 persons and can reach a height of 30 to 55 meters with a weight of 10 tons.
The suspended restaurant does not rotate, and the guests embark on it and TRUSS structure enables this action, also at a height of 30 to 55 meters it is suspended for a period of one hour and is brought back to the ground level which this action is repeated several times during the day.
As mentioned IRAN and BELGIUM are the only manufacturers of this structure in the world . Belgium after building the first suspended restaurant in its country has exported to all European countries and even to Asian countries as well.
PASARGAD company after successfully manufacturing and designing the suspended restaurant intends to export to all neighboring countries .

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Brief introduction about ARIA GHOSTAR PASARGAD KHAVARAN Company
ARIA GHOSTAR PASARGAD KHAVARAN Company is a professional Technical and Engineering company that is involved in the manufacturing of suspended restaurant after Belgium and is considered as the best and successful companies of its kind. Suspended Restaurant is considered as one of best and most attractive tourist structures throughout different cities in the world. If you plan on investing in a profitable business venture with an appropriate capital , we recommend you to work with PASARGAD company.
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