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Permit , Approval , and Saftey Issues Concerning Suspended Restaurant

PASARGAD company with its highly expert engineers after many years of thought have designed and built the suspended restaurant , and all equipment have been optimized for safety .PASARGAD company will present all necessary information and explanations thru a meeting with customers whom are willing to buy the suspended restaurant .
Now this question arises, that what guarantee can be utilized to put customers and buyers mind at ease and use this technology.
In the following we have completely outlined the guarantee which
PASARGAD company has commitment towards its customers :
1-All joints , safety belts , equipments , attached cables , etc. , have been manufactured with safety and international standards taken into consideration and are guaranteed for 10 years
For Example :
The guest belt is closed by the technical operator , therefore the guest cannot open this belt by himself or herself , and the belt of the waiter is attached to the structure , also the belt used by the waiter is designed according to international standards and has been approved by the fire department .
Around the structure is enclosed by barrier.
All equipment used on the structure are electrical and no gas containers have been used, also no inflammable objects have been utilized.

Before being lifted in the air and after coming down all joints and cables of the lifting mechanism are checked and evaluated by the technical personnel and its status is approved by him.
It utilizes fire extinguisher and a first aid kit.
2-The structure of the suspended restaurant and the structure that lifts it in the air have been approved and guaranteed by engineers whom are related directly to this specific field .
If Lord forbids and any incident occurs due to mistakes in building the suspended restaurant structure , PASARGAD company and the engineers whom have approved it are all accountable for this and this matter is indicated in our contract as one of the clauses and our company is committed to it.
3-One important aspect that buyers must pay attention to is that insurance company with approval of engineers and experts covers all equipments and the premises of the suspended restaurant .

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