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Suspended Restaurant and Partnership With Pasargad Company

Vast advertising increases suspended restaurant revenues.
PASARGAD company signs contracts with its buyers of restaurants in the following two ways :
In this case the buyer pays an amount of 900 million Tomans (Iranian currency – this amount applies to IRANIAN customers) in two stages, which in the first stage before the start of production 450 million Tomans is paid and PASARGAD company provides a credible guarantee and when the suspended restaurant is built and is implemented in the place of desire, the remaining 450 million Tomans is paid ; therefore in this case PASARGAD company acts strictly as a seller and is not involved in running of the restaurant and provides after sales services for 10 years and is binding to its contract agreements.

In this case an amount of 900 million Tomans (Iranian currency – this amount applies to Iranian customers or for individuals whom want to invest in IRAN) is paid in cash and in full after signing of a contract , and a guarantee is ensured by PASARGAD company, but we will pay 200 or 300 million Tomans for advertising purposes, and we will become partners with the purchasing company according to the share invested by us, also we will manage the suspended restaurant mutually with its owner. The 200 or 300 million Tomans is a unique opportunity for both parties and accounts for advertising scheme in the national media network. This advertisement has a mutual benefit, which is considerable increase in revenues for the suspended restaurant , and certainly if our advertisement takes place before the opening of the restaurant , many people would be attracted to this tourist structure. Another benefit of the above stated is that it will enhance the name of both our companies and will elevate our brand names as well.
The list of advertisement items our company will provide are indicated as below :
1- Commercial messages in the national media network and on the province level if permitted.
2- Commercial messages in the radio.
3- Advertisement throughout city airport televisions and thru the city itself.
4- Advertisement in popular newspapers.
5- Printing advertisements in tourist hubs and areas.
6- Internet advertisement and opening a website for reservation of guests online.
7- Printing and distribution of advertisement leaflet in three languages (Arabic, Farsi, English) for hotels etc.
8- SMS advertising.
9- Marketing thru offices, taxis, hotels, and airports to attract customers.
10- Upon increase of revenue and agreement between both parties, we can use lottery to attract customers by placing prizes such as a car as sales gimmick, this car is shown in the picture below by one of the European countries is a suspended manner.

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Brief introduction about ARIA GHOSTAR PASARGAD KHAVARAN Company
ARIA GHOSTAR PASARGAD KHAVARAN Company is a professional Technical and Engineering company that is involved in the manufacturing of suspended restaurant after Belgium and is considered as the best and successful companies of its kind. Suspended Restaurant is considered as one of best and most attractive tourist structures throughout different cities in the world. If you plan on investing in a profitable business venture with an appropriate capital , we recommend you to work with PASARGAD company.
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