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Technical specifications and security


The structure of the suspended restaurant has 7 ton weight , which including 36 individuals (32 guests and 4 waiters) can reach up to 11 tons as well. The height of the structure is 3.5 meters and length of 10 meters with a width of 7 meters.
In this structure all safety aspects have been utilized, such as lighting rod and earth wells, and no flammable items have been incorporated. Also 8 closed caption cameras have been used, 4 cameras on top and 4 cameras at the bottom of the structure. Along with the cameras 4 LCD monitors have been used , which display television programs or scenes from the bottom thru the 4 cameras.
The material of the chairs are made of metal with best leather coverings, and these chairs can rotate and are very durable.
According to current standards, equipment that are placed above 30 meters from the ground level, must use safety belts which cannot be opened by the guest and in this structure the safety belts are closed by the technical personnel.
All joints, tables, chairs , belts, etc., are connected by nuts and bolts and can be easily opened and closed and replaced.
The suspended restaurant is ready to be used under any weather condition . When rainy it uses thickest plastic to cover its balcony and against wind uses tent like material to protect the family lounge , also against cold it incorporates fan heaters for each individual guest.
Each chair is attached to the body of restaurant with two steel cables to ensure maximum safety. The cables which suspend the structure in mid air are designed in such a manner to allow equilibrium and 12 cables lift it in the air (8 cables at the bottom and 4 cables on the top).
The structure is lifted thru the air by 12 steel cables and by a crane like mechanism , also the safety belt of the waiter is attached to the structure and is according to international standards, which have been approved by fire fighter departments. Additionally the premises of the structure use guard rails, and all equipment used on the structure are electrical and no flammable items are used.
Before being lifted up in the air and after being lowered to ground level all connections , cables, and the crane mechanism are checked and approved for safety.

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